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Mother and Father
Matt’s Parents
Matt's mother and I saw a change in him that we were not comfortable with and were constantly asking him what was wrong and how we could help him..from the time he has been working with Jake and Mario from H.O.P.E. Guides, he has maintained a positive outlook in life. Had Matt not had the intervention he had with Jake and Mario at the time he did, Matt would have relapsed and I would hate to think where Matt would be now. H.O.P.E. Guides Has Given Matt a Second Chance in Life
Sister of a Loved One , December 2020
When I came to find Hope Guides my family and I were in the middle of what can only be described as an extreme life-threatening crisis.. Within hours of hiring Jacob and Mario their work quickly commenced. Never once not taking a panicked call from us.. they continued to move with professionalism and expertise. They are an integral part of seeing the process and person as a whole, not simply a beginning or an end. I cannot recommend nor stress enough the necessity for Hope Guides in all our lives and especially those seeking recovery in any form.
Andrew Caryl, M.S
Program Coordinator, WVU Collegiate Recovery
Jacob Evans has been a passionate advocate for students in recovery at West Virginia University through his efforts to raise awareness of the need for support resources on campus. He has been a contributing member of the WVU Collegiate Recovery Advisory Committee and an important voice for students in recovery.
Catherine Yura Ed.D.
Director of Collegiate Recovery Program at West Virginia University
...Jacob’s story is an important one as he is well spoken and offers an understanding of how individuals can be an ally to those who are suffering from a substance use disorder. I recommend Jacob as a speaker to various groups of students, administrators and community groups to help broaden their understanding of addictions and how to help this widespread problem in our country...
Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center 2019
Client- Jonathan Hutchens
Jonathan has shown himself to be engaged and professional with his peers. He has actively participated in all groups once he showed a reduction in symptoms. Client is comfortable working with his clinical team and staff alike. It has been a pleasure getting to know Jonathan H and we are excited about the prospect of him continuing with your program.
The Gustafson

Hope Gave Us Time

With kids and careers, finding time for ourselves and each other was growing more and more difficult. HOPE helped us gain back the one commodity you can never have enough of…TIME, thank you.
Drew H.
Financial Analyst

Hope Helped Me Become A Man of Character

What started out as a means for me to gain additional support in my personal battles, soon budded into a strong trust, relentless accountability, and true friendship that took me from where I was, to where I wanted to be in my life. Thanks to Jake, I now know what it truly means to be a man of character.
Stephen W.

Now I Bring the Best Version of Me to Everything I Do.

Jake taught me how to optimize my time and bring the best version of myself to anything I do. Learning how to organize my priorities helped me truly see how much time is really left in the day for me to chase my dreams. Once you learn where you fall short only then can you begin to fix it and be the best version of yourself.

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