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Develop a personal One-on-one relationship with someone who has walked a few more miles on the same path you are trying travel. A coach will help you see potential shortfalls and help you recognize your wins. A coaching relationship goes beyond a therapeutic relationship, because coaches are involved in your life daily. They celebrate the victories, share in the loss, and are there to help you get back on the right path. Together you and your coach will build a relationship where the cornerstones are trust, honesty, and collaboration.

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Do you feel overwhelmed with treatment process? Confused on where to even start the journey? Or maybe you have invested countless dollars, time and emotional resources just to still be in the same position as where you started. HOPE Guides can help. Our coaches have the experience, industry knowledge, and success to get your family to place of stability. We know how to address your loved ones specific needs, and create a plan that will have a greater propensity for success.

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HOPE Guides offer a variety of trainings including:

Recognizing Addiction

How To Help Without Hurting (Enabling 101)

Finding Purpose in Recovery

Creating a Treatment Plan for Success

and More

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Familial Strategic Planning

HOPE Guides understand how vital of a role family can play in both the success and failure of their loved ones. Our Coaches work with the Family to ensure success and strengthen the familial connection in a healthy way.

When a family works with HOPE, they are committing to teamwork and collaboration that will drastically increase the liklihood of their loved one not only getting healthy, but staying healthy for the long haul.

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HOPE Guides are available for public speaking events.

Each Coach has a personal story and skill set that can inspire any audience to choose health and wellness for life.

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