Jacob R. Evans

Meet Jacob R. Evans – CEO/Founder of H.O.P.E.

Jacob studied law at WVU College of Law, receiving honors such as Student Body Vice President, Student Governor, Academic Advisor, serving as Chairman of the Board of Governors, Outstanding delegate three times over for the National Model United Nations conferences, just to name a few. He graduated with honors from WVU with a BA in Political Science and Philosophy for his undergrad.

During Jacob’s second year in law school he decided he needed to revamp his life and give up all substances and life practices that were not serving him. This journey was a tenuous one, but now he has found his passion for helping others prepare for everything.

Jacob uses his intimate knowledge of substance abuse, personal development strategies, life skills, and unique interventions to assist others in any facet of life they wish to improve upon. Jacob has helped individuals and their families combat addictions and other life struggles for years with tremendous success. Jacob provides the guiding hand and structural framework that will result in anyone taking hold of their lives and becoming their truest selves.

Meet Mario S. – Transformational Coach

Mario and Jacob have been working together for years. They have developed a chemistry that is inviting and welcoming. Taking a two-sided coin approach, they have developed a program that creates change.

Mario grew up in New Mexico, his early life was filled with a loving family; however, Mario turned his back on that chose a harder life for himself. Years of substance abuse, bad choices, and failed attempts at sobriety led Mario to place where he decided enough was enough. Mario has been working to help hundreds of men and women find their way in life.

Mario leads with his heart, but backs it up with extraordinary crisis intervention techniques, life hacks, methods to produce positive change in anyone’s life regardless of their background or past.

Mario S.

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