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Individual One-On-One Sessions with Jacob Evans

H.O.P.E. provides individual sessions, based upon the desire of the client. These sessions will be via telecom, using either facetime or skype. The fundamental intent behind individual sessions is to provide clarity to the week previous’ assignment, develop a system for accountability, provide a safe place for guidance, refocus trajectory to reach desired goals, and develop action plans in accordance with the aforementioned goals. All sessions are prescheduled and the client’s time and day for the next session will always be scheduled at the end of the end of the previous session.

Identification and Development of Your Goals

One of the hardest parts in any new venture is knowing where to start. With the guidance of H.O.P.E., you are put into the driver’s seat of your process in the evaluation of your own goals to accomplish your own dreams. H.O.P.E. will guide you through exploratory exercises to help you not only identify your goals, but develop an action plan with you to achieve them and make them come to fruition.

Priority Assessment

Being able to prioritize your life is essential to effective time management and achievement of your desired goals. This assessment will assist H.O.P.E. to see your values and how you currently divide your time. Together we will develop a plan that will assist you in the creation of a more balanced time allocation for your priorities in your life, adherence to the structure will allow the client to focus their energies less on time management and more on achievement of their goals.

Effective Habit Tracking

  1. Creation of healthy habits
  2. Removal of destructive or unwanted habits
  3. A more balanced life in congruence with your specific goals

The goal of effective habit tracking is to see which areas in your daily life you need to improve upon or remove entirely. These habits range from behavioral to mental. The habits you wish to incorporate or remove will be based around the goals you are aiming to achieve in your personal, interpersonal, and professional life. Habit tracking is an effective tool, drawing from practices developed originally by Benjamin Franklin. Adherence to the tool and regular attention will result in a life that is in line with your goals that you have specified.

Educational Podcasts

H.O.P.E. reserves the right to assign weekly podcasts, that align with your desired goals in any arena of life. H.O.P.E. is not affiliated in any way with any of the assigned podcasts, H.O.P.E. wishes to help you gain appropriate perspective on all areas of life and uses outside resources to assist you in achieving your desired results. Reflections on these podcasts will take place with either a journal entry, and/or a voicemail to your H.O.P.E. Guide (depending solely on need for further accountability).

Writing Assignments

Weekly writing assignments will be given to the client, these will often be based around the subject matter covered during the individual session. Complete honesty, positive or negative is required in an effort to help provide the best clarity to any client in the pursuit of their individual goals. Though there will be many writing assignments, H.O.P.E. recognizes that some subject matter will yield lengthier work product than others.  

These assignments will be completed prior to the next session. A gradual trust must be formed and eventually the client will begin sharing their reflections with their H.O.P.E. Guide.

Assigned Reading

Depending on your personalized goals, H.O.P.E. reserves the right to assign books, scholarly articles, and other print materials to effectively assist you in the achievement of your desired results. H.O.P.E. is not affiliated in any way with any assigned print materials. These materials must be purchased by the client, or found through an online medium. 

All great leaders read, and our success in life is directly proportional to the books that we read. For this reason, assignments will be based on the areas of life that you and your H.O.P.E. Guide have identified together as areas to strengthen. Many times, the reflections and writing assignments will be based upon this information.

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